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Department Associations

  The E.C.E Students association, NAVITAS (Nascent Alliance of Vibrant Intellectuals and Technically Adroit   Students of E.C.E.) is started with an aim of planning and implementing the co-curricular and extracurricular   activities of the students. It promotes personal and professional interaction between the members based on   mutual respect and professionalism.

  The E.E.E Students Association, DAEEE (Department Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)   serves to foster research in discovering, interpreting and the development of methods and systems for the   advancement of human knowledge on a wide variety of technological matters of towards world.

  RAMPANTS (Flourishing indomitably) is an association that helps preparing innovative engineers and   provides a common platform for students to exhibit their technical talent helping them develop their career.

  CSE (Champions of Software Enigma) targets to update the students in all the computing disciplines. The   association aims at encouraging the innovative ideas of the students by organizing workshops, seminars and   many other activities to enhance the deviceful thoughts of the students.

  OMEGA Omnipotent Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association was formed on 5th september 2012 with a vision to provide a dynamic and challenging platform for the students to enhance their technical and management skills by organising and participating in various events and by dedicatng their service to the nation.

  The Students Association of MBA "WAILS" (Women Alliance for Intellectual and Leadership Skills) provides   graduate business students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and prepare for professional   positions through community outreach and social activities with other students, faculty, and community   leaders.